Dan Bonow play diverse music styles.


Dan Has been playing Hammond Organ snce High School. He has toured with Texas Bluesman, Albert Collins (‘the Iceman”), Reggae icon, Apple Gabriel, one of the founders of Israel Vibrations as well as gigging with various AfroBeat, Reggae, Hawaiian and R&R, R&B, Soul and Funk combos. Bonow’s bands have always played a melange of all those styles while embodying the essence of Jazz… both improvisational and grounded in chord theory.

Dan Bonow usually runs basslines on organ and is known for his unique voicings and compelling rythmic approach.


Dan Bonow has produced his own recordings for decades and has a solid musical feel that sheds light on tracks that need luster. His international experience and eclectic taste combined with his musical spirituality yield a super set of ears that can glean insights or strengthen the vibe of any track he produces.


Bonow has written songs his entire life. He rarely listens to music but a song is always playing inside!