Dan bonow is a singer-songwriter and hammond organist

Raised in the wild west, in the beat/jazz/Bohemian style – his folks ran away from their safe conservative midwest homes to Vashon Island -(Seattle) where little Dan heard all sorts of jazz, blues, gospel and classical music – lots of it live . Dan Bonow's dad played piano. His mom and her mom, played organ. His dad's mom showed him ukulele at age 5. Dan started playing organ on an old 1800s pump organ as soon as he could rock back-and-forth on the pedals to pump the bellows.

Attending schools in Seattle's culturally mixed central area, Dan grew to love soul music – rhythm and blues. He wrote and performed a song for his fifth grade talent show. During middle school, he would stand outside school dances and clubs, too young to enter but intrigued by the sound. During high school his father took a job teaching in Ibadan, Nigeria. It was in Nigeria that Bonow’s first band "The Bushmen" played parties clubs schools and TV. 

Yoruba, HiLife & Juju became part of Dan Bonow's fabric - whether it was drums wafting through the night from distant villages, or visits to juju and highlife clubs, most of the time as the only white person in the club – entranced by the mix. The next live performing was in Barcelona Catalunia, playing small clubs and busking on Las Ramblas with his younger brother Tim Bonow a.k.a. Roland Rock.

A month in the mid 60s, London alerted DB to the Bluebeat sound – (which later became ska and reggae), and the English blues revival – "Graham Bond", the "Animals", "John Mayall" and the early Stones.

Returning to Seattle, Bonow launched his first US band, "Jack Horner and the Plums”. They won a regional battle of the bands and started working the Northwest (Seattle area) dancehall circuit. Dan was hot as a teenage rocker and worked with several dancehall bands before forming his exciting protest/soul/jazz band – JUGGERNAUT. This band broke all the rules – musical and social, and played huge festivals concerts and clubs opening for the top 60s bands it was during this time that Jimi Hendrix visited the Juggernaut and dedicated a song to them at his 1968 Seattle concert. Hendrix promise to help get this important music up on the international seen but died shortly after.

During the next three decades, Dan Bonow, raised four children and continued to write and play music with his groups, the Stars, Vizzion, UNKO FUNKi and The DAN BONOW BAND . He also toured (organ player) with Texas bluesman Albert Collins and reggae icon Apple Gabriel (founder of Israel Vibrations). The 21st century brought Dan Bonow to the island farthest away from any land mass on Earth  - Kauai, Hawaii…, where he, and his Kauai UNKO FUNKi band serve fresh organic grooves when on Island. 

Bonow and his sweetheart from teenage rocker days, Judy Motulsky, spend time at their new place in Los Angeles , Seattle and Kauai. 

Los Angeles is the exciting new development! 

VIZZION L.A. is coalescing as we speak. Dan has cast aside his aloofness to the old music industry and is engaging with open arms, meeting and working with creative masterminds of the renaissance that is happening right NOW! 

DAN BONOW is dedicated to bringing people together on the dance floor or wherever music flows. His music is organic, nourishing AND exciting!

DAN BONOW brings emotional elements of doo wop, soul and old school R&B , carries the improvisational aspect of jazz in a progressive dance format… SOULJAZZ!