Dan Bonow

Dan Bonow

Dan Bonow is a HAMMOND ORGAN player, Singer and Songwriter... dedicating his life to spreading love, joy and light through music.

Born October 3, 1948, Vashon Island - raised in bohemian/jazz/beat family in Seattle and Ibadan Nigeria. A musician for life. Known for powerful funk grooves, soulful love songs and conscious lyrics... Bonow's bands Jack Horner & the Plums, JUGGERNAUT, VIZZION and UNKO FUNKi!   - all on  the cutting edge where "Dance" and "Muse" intersect with Rock 'n' Roll - in a jazzy world beat melange.

JIMI HENDRIX dedicated a song to the JUGGERNAUT and changed his band to include organ after visiting JUGGERNAUT in Seattle in1968.Bonow has toured with Texas Blues great, ALBERT COLLINS, Reggae icon, APPLE GABRIEL (Israel Vibrations) as well as with his original bands. 


Dan Bonow splits his time between Kauai and the West Coast.Dan recently moved his Wedt Coast headquarters to Los Angeles..and gigs worldwide as UNKO FUNKi!